Naze Valley Rangers

Forgotten Roots - Session 2

First and Second Battle of the Sinkhole

This session happened August 29. The July session did not happen as not enough players could make the scheduled day for a variety of reasons.

Dramatis Personae:


Having walked into an ambush, Ranger Team Rollins was taking heavy crossbow fire from two groups of derro, quickly followed by a swarm of spiders. Oralon’s earlier casting of protection from normal missiles proved critical to the team’s survival. Sareah used levitation to allow Owen and herself to escape back across the gap in the floor. With the two of them safely back with the team, Clem ordered a fighting retreat.

The team fell back, pursued by the spider swarm. Oralon used lightning hands twice (burning hands with lightning instead of fire) to finally destroy the pursuing swarm. The team fell back to the sub-sub-basement of the Never-Empty Flagon with the only kill against the derro a final shot by Dav knocking a derro into the sinkhole. The team spiked the secret door shut behind them. The first Battle of the Sinkhole ended with the derro the clear winners.

Still early in the morning and with both spellcasters in the team out of spells, Clem decided some rest for Oralon and resupply for the rest of the team was in order. Clem reported what the team had found to a lieutenant of the Guard, who had set up a command post in the Never-Empty Flagon’s common room. She requested a squad of the Guard be stationed in the sub-sub-basement, the lieutenant thought two would be better and had them sent down with orders to prevent any incursions by the derro. Satisfied that the derro would not be able to attack out of the tunnels, Clem and her team went looking for antitoxin (to protect against another spider swarm), a defense against the derro’s darkness powers, and anyone who might know more about derro than themselves.

The team went to the Temple of the Pantheon to speak with the high priestess. They met with Fadeyka Sarskaia, Priestess of Ninaha Kudu and high priestess of the Temple. Sareah and Owen had continual flame cast on two items (Sareah’s holy symbol and one of Owen’s silver coins) in exchange for a later favor from each of them. They were also able to secure some potions of lesser restoration and some potions of bull’s strength in exchange for donations to the Temple.

Next they sought out an expert on derro, assuming there was one as derro were virtually myths. Stopping in at the home of Majid of the Three Rings, Clem talked with Shurik, Majid’s apprentice. Clem learned that Majid was still asleep and would likely remain so until Noon. Shurik recommended Edric Greenaxe, a human sage specializing in the dwarven Shogunate. He warned Clem that Edric was slightly…eccentric.

The team quickly found Edric’s home and found him both in and, as warned, eccentric. (Edric is a short human who dresses and acts like a dwarf.) He was quickly interested in the team’s story and had some insight into derro. He had more insight into the tunnels under the city.

The tunnels were once part of the defenses of Crosswalshire, but all connections to them were lost when the Balasir Incursion wiped out the old city. New Crosswalshire was built on the ruins of Crosswalshire and the Never-Empty Flagon was built in one of the few still standing buildings from Crosswalshire. Edric offered the opinion that the derro had found another entrance to the tunnels before finding a way into the Never-Empty Flagon. When asked if he was interested in following the Rangers back down into the tunnels, Edric quickly stated he was. Clem told him to be ready in two hours, when the Rangers would return after running a different errand.

After leaving Edric’s, the ranger team went looking for an alchemist. They incidentally discovered that the street they were on was part of the Crosswalshire College when a bell rung and many students flooded the street, heading to their next classes. Stopping a student to ask directions, the ranger team was directed to Alchemist Street, which was only two blocks away. They also received a warning to decline any offers for product demonstrations. This was not the first time they had received this warning.

On Alchemist Street they found a shop that had antitoxins and, after some negotiations, purchased enough antitoxin for each member of the team plus Edric. The alchemist seemed somewhat sketchy, but that was a Guard problem, not a Ranger problem, so the team left well-enough alone.

After collecting Edric (who was wearing some odd looking armor, reminiscent of that worn in the Shogunate, and carrying a green-handled, single-bladed battle axe), the team returned to the Never-Empty Flagon to finish prepping and getting a bit of rest. At dusk, after Oralon finished sleeping (in an odd room with red velvet walls) and rememorizing a new complement of spells and Sareah finished meditated on the truths of Aphra Cygne, the ranger team returned to the sub-sub-basement, ready to face the derro once again.

This time, they seemed to catch the derro somewhat by surprise. The derro were all down the southern passageway, but some appeared to have been sleeping in a side room and joined in late, still pulling on their armor. In this battle, the derro spellcasters pulled out a new weapon against the rangers: web! Filling most of the passageway with sticky strands of webbing, the derro were only able to slow down the rangers, not trap them. In increasingly desperate fighting, the derro started going down to the ranger assault. Concentrated crossbow fire from the derro did bring down the protection from normal missiles spells Oralon had cast on most of the team, but it was too little, too late.

The two derro spellcasters retreated into a room at the end of the hallway and started audibly spiking the door shut. Taking a short breather, the team used an Alchemist’s Fire to start burning away the webs that blocked their exit before returning to their pursuit of the derro spellcasters. In a coordinated effort, the team smashed down the door with brute strength and shot the wounded derro spellcasters dead before they could get off any defensive spells. Ranger Team Rollins had won the second Battle of the Sinkhole and was now in control of this portion of the tunnels.

Session end.

Next month, Ranger Team Rollins finds out what else is down here with them. The September game happens on the 26th with a write-up to follow shortly thereafter. See you then!


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