Naze Valley Rangers

Forgotten Roots - Session 3

The Forgotten Session

This session happened September 26. I neglected to update the adventure log immediately, so this is mostly from memory over a month later. This was also a short session.

While catching their breath after killing off many derro, Ranger Team Rollins spent some time investigating the three rooms they just cleared.

The first (at the end of the hall) was a sleeping area for the majority of the derro. There was very little of value and much that smelled bad. There was more bedding than dead derro, which implied there might be more derro in the tunnels.

Next, they searched the room on the left, which turned out to be the sleeping quarters for the derro spellcasters and the place all the derro valuables were stored. After taking a great deal of time to bypass the high quality locks the derro had installed on some very beat up chests, Owen was able to access the contents. This included a magic shield, some gems and jewelry, and a pile of Amber Commonwealths (old style silver pieces). There was also clearly bedding for three derro spellcasters and the Team had only killed two, so the Team started getting a bit more cautious in their searching and posted a guard to watch their backs.

The third room was a set of eight prison cells, mostly empty. The two closest to the door had nothing but old skeletons in them, while two cells further back held some of the missing Guardsmen. After some discussion (and the sharing of some healing magic), the team learned that the derro were using the Guardsmen as slave labor, digging out tunnels choked with debris and there was a work party out at “the diggings” right now.

Ranger Team Rollins escorted the freed guardsmen and Edric Greenaxe back to the Never-Empty Flagon Inn and updated the Guard command post there. Runners were sent out to get some needed supplies and Ranger Team Rollins took a break to eat some dinner. The Inn was very lively as it was early evening and the Guardsmen in the place were happy to see (most) of their friends returned.

With the minor resupply complete, Ranger Team Rollins and some of the freed Guardsmen (now fully healed thanks to some healing potions from the Castle) returned to the tunnels. The Team went right at the sinkhole (needing to circumnavigate around the room clockwise to do so) and cautiously made their way.

The next chamber they found had a vaulted ceiling and four doors, only one of which was closed and that one bulged out into the room slightly. Oralon moved his dancing lights into the room and Clem followed, hoping to get a good look down the other hallways. Instead, she got a VERY good look at another derro ambush, quickly becoming pin-cushioned with multiple crossbow bolts. (The derro achieved surprise and rolled highest imitative, getting two rounds of attacks on Clem.)

In the ensuing fight, the one of the Guardsman with the Team was pivotal in the Team’s survival, throwing himself into the fight with gusto and rage. The Team fought hard in a tough battle before the tide turned in their favor. They killed all the derro, keeping any from escaping. After a quick headcount of the dead derro, they confirmed that they had killed them all. Sadly, not before the derro had killed the last two enslaved Guardsmen.

Ranger Team Rollins and the surviving Guardsmen carried the bodies of their brethren back to the surface for proper honors. After Clem said many good things about [Name], the Guard lieutenant said, “Glad you like him so much – he’s now yours. Here’s his paperwork.” Apparently, [Name] had “anger management issues” and was not really suited to being part of the Guard, but would fit in well as a Ranger.

Session End.


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