Naze Valley Rangers


Taking Care of Business

This session happened January 16. There was no December session due to the holidays and my needing to read through the final release of the Pathfinder RPG.

Dramatis Personae:


Ranger Team Rollins spent a month patrolling around the slowly growing Three Circles Fort and discretely converting the “finders fee” that they were able to squirrel away from the Dominion tomb they uncovered. A team bag of holding was purchased to ease the packing of supplies. Oralon was able to have a second restoration cast on himself in New Crosswalshire, finally removing the last of the after effects from the raise dead spell.

Owen Sands hired Edric Greenaxe to travel to Dwarven Shogunate, purchase enough mithral for some medium armor, and then bring it back. Owen gave Edric 1000 Gold Marks for travel expenses, fee, and front money with a promise to pay the balance when Edric returns with the mithral. Allowing for 3 months travel time each way and a month in the Shogunate for purchases and research, Edric should return in seven months, during the week of Ash 8, 151 NC (roughly March the following year).

Finally, the entire team had various items enchanted or constructed or both.

After this month had passed (Vine 15, 150 NC), Clem was called in by Ranger-Captain Brogan Cedargold. The Ranger-Captain had received a request for assistance from Edlin Oakshield, sheriff of New Applegrove. As Clem’s team was available (and to his eye starting to look a little out of practice), he was sending them to New Applegrove to assist the sheriff. Clem gathered the team and they rode to New Applegrove.

In New Applegrove they met Kolenka of the Watch again at the front desk of the Sheriff’s Office. Kolenka went and got “Ed”, who explained the situation. Rheged the Wizard, a wizard who lives in a tower near the village, reported some sort of plant creature came out of the forest and killed his apprentice, who was working in the garden. As the apprentice was a Staffthrasher, Ed needs a quick resolution on this to avoid any politics. As the village is nearly filled up with migrant workers for the harvest that is about to start, Ed’s people are spread thin. Kolenka would take the rangers out to Rheged’s tower.

Kolenka walked the rangers over to Rheged’s tower and made the introductions. Rheged is a bit abrupt and gives off the air of one who is not completely answering your questions. After questioning Rheged, the ranger team went to look at his garden while Rheged locked himself back in his tower. After seeing the knocked down wall and the disturbed crops in the vegetable garden, the team decided they were likely facing a shambling mound that had wandered in from the deep forest in the east.

Clem tracked the shambling mound for an hour and seemed to lose the trail at that point when it attacked from ambush! After a short, intense fight, the rangers defeated the shambling mound. Using shovels, they are able to pull it apart and rescue some of the remains of the dead apprentice to return to Rheged. In a sack.

After reporting back to Kolenka at the sheriff’s office what they found and how they resolved it, the team walked across the street to Rat’s Bastard Sword Inn for drinks and rooms to sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to the fort.

End of session.


I’m starting to wonder if we should have just killed it. Don’t get me wrong, the role-playing is great; I am just concerned that the more direct approach (kill it in the tower) would have resulted in the same XP in a shorter time span.


Here is my fabulous dragon stopping speech: “In the name of the lawful ruler of this land, Count Addrick, I, Sgt. Clementine Rollins of the Naze Valley Rangers charge you, Dragon, to stand down and surrender yourself or leave these lands.”

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