Naze Valley Rangers

Inter-Mission 3

The Election and Aftermath.

This session happened March 27th, 2010, and is reported might late. Sorry about that.

Dramatis Personae:


A week after the election petition was confirmed, on the first day of the Harvest Festival, the election for the new mayor of New Applegrove was held. Per tradition, festivities could not start until the election was completed. This motivated the townsfolk to vote early and properly. Voting was done by handing each voter (once certified and signed in) three clay marbles – one black, one white, and one gray. The black marble represented Isen Cowhunter (the previous mayor), the white one (Malkion the Bold, the dragon), and the gray one Bogdashka of Presnensk (the drunken owned of the town’s eponymous apple grove and brewer of Scrumple). The voter dropped the marble of their candidate into the voting urn and the other two into the discard urn. Once the town scribe confirmed that everyone had voted, the marbles in the voting urn were counted and the total number of marbles was compared to the number of voters to verify they were the same and no one had dropped in more than one marble. (If there were more marbles than voters then the entire process had to be repeated and the drinking put off longer. Not surprisingly, this rarely happened.)

Once the total number of votes was verified, the actual count took place inside the town government building. Then the candidates (or in the case of Malkion, his representative) were called in and told the results. Isen Cowhunter’s exclamation of “What?!” was clearly heard in the street, indicating to those waiting that he had not won the election. Money changed hands amongst those betting on the outcome of the election.

Sheriff Oakshield and the candidates (and representative) stepped out onto the front steps and the sheriff announced that Bogdashka had one the election and was the new mayor. The crowd roared its approval and turned to start the festival. More money changed hands amongst those betting, netting a few new fortunes. Ex-mayor Cowhunter was heard to say “This is not the last you’ve heard from me on this,” before stalking away.

While the townsfolk started the business of the celebrating the Harvest Festival, the sheriff called in the Rangers and suggested they escort Malkion’s representative to Rheged’s Tower to break the bad news to the dragon. Clem agreed and sent Katan to round up the wizard for the magical support he had promised the Rangers in exchange for the return of his spell book. Cranky as even, Rheged reluctantly agreed, hoping to get his tower back as well. Clem assigned Dav and Thar to stay at the town in case things went bad at the tower. The group then made the 30 minute walk to the tower.

Leaving the dragon’s assistant on the first floor, the Rangers and Rheged broke the bad news to Malkion that he had lost the election. Both sides verbally danced around starting any violence, but as Malkion tried to leave for a flight to “work out his disappointment”, Rheged had finally had enough and cast a lightning bolt at the dragon. The spell fizzled out against the dragon’s spell resistance and only elicited the statement, “Oh. So it’s going to be like that, is it.” With that the fight started.

The combat against the dragon was hard fought. Owen had to jump out the window to avoid being killed by Malkion (luckily, Dav’s rope was still hanging there). Katan and Clem were both seriously injured in the fight and would have been killed if Rheged’s last spell had not finally penetrated the dragon’s spell resistance. Rheged voiced Malkion’s doom, cursing him to die in this tower. The pall of his immanent doom gave Malkion pause, allowing the Rangers to finish him off before he finished them.

Many healing spells and potions were then used by the Rangers. The dragon’s carcass was then pushed out of the tower and Rheged used Tenser’s floating disk to haul it back to town, announcing the Rangers as dragon-slayers to get the crowd out of the way. It worked. (It also publicly shifted any possible blame away from Rheged to the Rangers.)

After meeting with the sheriff to satisfy legal matters, the carcass was hauled to a butcher and leather-worker for processing. Dragon steaks were given away freely and enough hide was saved to make dragon scale boots for Ranger Team Rollins, Rheged, and Count Adrik. The Harvest Festival continued on without incident.


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