Naze Valley Rangers

Pungent Spices - Session 1, Part 2

Plot hooks away!

These events are Part 2 of the October 24 session, after the death of Oralon Skycaller. It provides an excellent example of how a player character death can be used to seed the game with plot hooks.

Each carrying part of the remains of Oralon, Clem, Owen, and Thar made their way back to Three Circles Fort with Grubnuz the goblin in tow. Clem felt obliged to do something for Oralon as she was the one who pressed him into service in the County Rangers. Clem reported what had happened to Ranger-Captain Brogan Cedargold and asked if there was anything at the construction site that could be done to return Oralon to the living.

Sadly, the answer was “no”.

The best the Ranger-Captain could do was allow Team Rollins leave to go to New Crosswalshire and seek help at the Pantheon Temple there. He also offered some discretionary funds to assist, to the tune of 2000 Gold Marks. If nothing else, it would be enough to see that Oralon received a proper burial and (small) memorial statue. Dav Moonbow had returned from the Moon Mountain Ruins and rejoined the team at this point.

Team Rollins headed out on horseback, knowing time was of the essence. They left Grubnuz at the fort to avoid unnecessary complications in New Crosswalshire. After two days of hard riding, they arrived in New Crosswalshire and made their way to the Pantheon Temple. There they met with Fadeyka Sarskia, priestess of the Ninaha Kudu and high priestess of the Pantheon Temple. After a quick consultation, Ranger Team Rollins learned two things: they did not have enough coinage to make the necessary donation to the temple and that no one in New Crosswalshire was capable of casting raise dead on Oralon, even if they had the coinage. But, Fadeyka knew there was a Druid of the Old Faith in Greenvasser who could, if he would consent to traveling to New Crosswalshire. Sympathetic to the Ranger’s cause, she agreed to perform a sending to inquire if the old Druid would agree to the ritual. A positive answer was quickly obtained by a return sending. The Team turned over Oralon’s remains to Temple initiates for ritual preparation while they looked for enough coinage for the temple offering.

Clem and Dav went to talk with Majid of the Three Rings. The few things the team had to sell needed to be sold to maximum result to raise funds and they hoped Majid could point them in the right direction. After listening to Clem’s explanation, Majid offered a counter-proposal: he would loan the Rangers 3000 gold in exchange for repayment, a token item of value to the Rangers as a promissory token, and the promise that they would enter the Gnoll Territories in the next year to gather information on a new gnoll relic Majid had heard rumors of. After further discussion as to what exactly Majid wanted (he wanted an accurate description of the relic, a statue, in order to determine its potential source), Clem agreed to his terms, committing Ranger Team Rollins to enter the Gnoll Territories. Dav Moonbow handed over her holy symbol, one of two gifts from her human father she had been allowed to keep by her elven family, as the promissory token.

Two days later, a small party of Druids arrived from Greenvasser. As the maximum limit of time allowed between a death and a casting of raise dead was approaching, the ritual was performed immediately, along with a single casting of restoration. The next day, a whole and mostly restored Oralon rejoined the team. He was suitably chastened by the debts incurred by the team in his name and promised to never again remain allow an enemy or dangerous animal to get that close to him. Fadeyka also informed Clem that the old Druid had required a favor of Fadeyka in exchange for the ritual, obliging Ranger Team Rollins to owe Fadeyka yet another favor in the future. Clem accepted this with good grace.

Ranger Team Rollins left New Crosswalshire, owing many people many things, but with all members once again accounted for and alive.

End Session.


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