Edlin Oakshield

A heavy man who keeps law and order in New Applegrove.


Ed has been been sheriff of New Applegrove for the last ten years, ever since tensions between the Brightlady and Staffthrasher families necessitated the appointment of a neutral authority. Ed was known for his calm demeanor, impartiality, and common sense, which made him a natural choice.

Ed and his wife, Elsbeth, moved to new Applegrove fifteen years ago when Ed retired from the city watch in another city. They had planned on living simple lives until the needs of the town required Ed to step up as sheriff.

Ed has three deputies: Edlin “Little Ed” Staffthrasher, a local, and Aethelred “Red” Fireberry and Kolenka of the Watch, two ex-adventurers looking for a place to settle.

Edlin Oakshield

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