Quiet Harry

Almost silent weaponsmith in New Applegrove


Expert 3


Harry was a weaponsmith’s journeyman until he was captured by a gnoll raiding party and enslaved.

He was rescued by a band of adventurer’s at the Moon Mountain Ruins and entrusted with their treasure to hold in New Applegrove for their return. Harry was honored and held the treasure, spending his time at the only smithy in the village.

When Nelvin Banefyre, the last surviving member of the adventuring band returned, he relayed the group’s death at the hands of the gnolls.

With the County preparing for a gnoll invasion, Harry talked with the village smith and arranged to rent some space and get a professional invitation to the smiths in New Crosswalshire. There he purchased tools and stock and returned to New Applegrove to set up shop.

Quiet Harry

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