Malkion the Bold


Malkion the Bold flew into New Applegrove in the middle of the month of Vine, looking to take over the small town. His goals (as a young adult dragon) were simple: accumulate treasure and eat well. Meeting stiff resistance immediately, Malkion decided to back-off a bit and re-evaluate the town, seizing control of a tower near the town (belonging to the wizard Rheged, who was delivering the remains of his apprentice to the apprentice’s family).

When Ranger Team Rollins explained elections and the benefits of taking control legally, Malkion immediately saw the benefits. Plus, apparently being mayor paid better than what Malkion had been thinking of demanding as tribute. Malkion honor-bound the Rangers to verifying that he could legally participate in the election and become mayor. When the surprising answer was “yes”, Malkion memorized the relevant portions of the town charter and started the process.

While Malkion had no problem getting the necessary signatures to invoke an election, with the Rangers watching him closely, he could not directly influence the outcome of the election. Still, he expected to win as his only opposition was the previous mayor (Isen Cowhunter) who was not well liked and the town drunk (Bogdashka of Presnensk). Unexpectedly, people found Bogdashka less offensive than either the previous mayor or the dragon and she won.

Malkion was able to contain himself when the Rangers delivered the news of his defeat, planning to fly out over the town and vent his anger properly once they left or he could leave their presence without invoking a fight. He would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for that cranky wizard, Rheged.

In the ensuing combat, Malkion was attempting to get airborne when Rheged pronounced his doom, temporarily overwhelming Malkion’s sense of inevitability and allowing the Rangers to finish him.

Malkion now exists only as eight sets of boots and a small collection of battle trophies.

Malkion the Bold

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