Bogdashka of Presnensk

The Drunken Owner of The Apple Grove and now Mayor of New Applegrove


Level 2 Expert


Bogdashka is someone’s drunken grandmother. Someone’s iron-willed drunken grandmother with a nose for business and distilling. She owns New Applegrove’s eponymous apple grove, where she brews Scrumple and sells apples to the other brewers for New Applegrove’s signature apple-flavored beers.

When Malkion the Bold came around with the petition for a new mayoral election, Bogdashka thought “why not?” and signed up, encouraging all the workers at her grove/distillery to do the same. The next day she put in her name as a candidate, not expecting to win, but wanting the townsfolk to have a choice beyond “business as usual” and “the dragon”, something she has done for every election.

To her surprise, she won the election, clearly beating out Isen Cowhunter and Malkion. She is now balancing the needs of the town against her own need to run her business and grove.

Bogdashka of Presnensk

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