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  • Balasir Incursion

    The Balasir Incursion lasted a total 150 years and shattered the [[Alkadaphita Commonwealth]] into squabbling factions.


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  • Balasir

    The Balasir consist of the [[balka]] (kobold), [[balna]] (goblin), [[balnaka]] (hobgoblin), and [[balik]] (orc) tribes.

  • Seven Slayers

    One of the smaller [[Balasir]] tribes, the Seven Slayers was the first Balasir tribe defeated and destroyed by the nascent [[Triple Confederation]].

  • One Thousand Archers

    A [[Balasir]] tribe that specialized in ranged combat, they actually only numbered between four and five hundred combatants with another two hundred or so support troops at the time of their destruction by the [[Triple Confederation]].

  • balka

    Balka are short, reptilian humanoids.  The term 'balka' is both plural and singular.  They appear to be somewhat organized and capable of taking on much larger foes.

    A balka’s scaly skin ranges from dark rusty brown to a …

  • Dead Stones

    One of the tribes of [[balna]] (goblins) that live in the deep forests that make up the eastern reaches of [[Naze Valley]]. They used to live in a long abandoned Dominion tomb complex (hence the tribes name), until the concluding events of the Pungent …

  • balna

    Balna are barely three feet tall, their scrawny, humanoid body dwarfed by their wide, ungainly head.

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