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  • Gnoll Territories

    The Gnoll Territories comprise the savannahs between the X Mountains, which form their eastern boundary, and the [[Dry Mountains]], which form their western boundary. They extend north to the shores of the [[Warm Sea]], with the (Wall) Mountains forming …

  • Kouri Kouri

    *Gender:* either
    *Rank:* Greater Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Trickery
    *Titles:* The Unspoken One, The Unlooked For
    *Holy Symbol:* Rolling Stones Mouth
    *Alignment:* CE
    *Favored Weapon:* stiletto
    * …

  • Pantheons

    The [[Old Faith]]

    The [[Pantheon of Kaldahnaka]]
    * Includes the [[Trinity of the Confederation]]

    The [[Gnoll Gods]]

    The [[Elven Pantheon]] ---- Return to [[Main Page]]

  • Gnoll Gods

    Gnolls worship the following deities openly:
    [[Kilwa Kivinje]] - Gnoll God of Destruction
    [[Kilwa Masoko]] - Gnoll God of Death
    [[Kalabsha]] - Gnoll Goddess of Fertility and the Tribe
    [[Musawwarat]] - Gnoll God of Rulership through …

  • Kalabsha

    *Gender:* f
    *Rank:* Lesser Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Fertility and the Tribe
    *Titles:* Mother Gnoll
    *Holy Symbol:* Gnoll fang
    *Alignment:* LE
    *Origin of Worship:* gnolls
    *Core Worshipers:* gnolls< …

  • Kilwa Kivinje

    *Name:* Kilwa Kivinje
    *Gender:* m
    *Rank:* Lesser Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Destruction
    *Titles:* The Frenzy
    *Holy Symbol:* Bloody-clawed X, Double axe glyph
    *Alignment:* CE
    *Origin of Worship:* …

  • Kilwa Masoko

    *Name:* Kilwa Masoko
    *Gender:* m
    *Rank:* Lesser Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Death
    *Titles:* The Hunger, Flesh-Eater, Lord of the Undead
    *Holy Symbol:* 9-tailed whip with a skeletal gnoll hand as the pommel

  • Karak Ka

    Actually [[Kouri Kouri | Kouri-Kouri]] in disguise. The other gnoll deities have caught on, but not in time to keep her from gaining worshipers amongst the weaker but smarter gnoll. Return to [[Gnoll Gods]]

  • gnolls

    Hyena men who rule the Gnoll Territories in a chaotic mash of tribes. They are savage and have an abiding hatred off the races to the south. An example of their weaponry: !http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww201/PatrickJW/Naze%20Valley/ …

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