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  • Alkadaphita Commonwealth


    The Alkadaphita Commonwealth lasted a little over 500 years, ending with the [[Balasir Incursion]].  It was founded after the fall of the [[Gnoll Hegemony]].  In its latter days, the rulers of the Commonwealth became nervous of …

  • Balasir Incursion

    The Balasir Incursion lasted a total 150 years and shattered the [[Alkadaphita Commonwealth]] into squabbling factions.


    Return to the [[Wider World]]

  • Gnoll Hegemony

    The Gnoll Hegemony lasted approximately 200 years, although it was in decline the last 100 years.  It was founded when the gnoll warlord [[Hegiyaki]] welded the gnoll tribes together, declared himself [[Hegemon]], and conquered all the lands south …

  • Hegiyaki

    Founder of the [[Gnoll Hegemony]] after the fall of the [[Dominion]], he and his decendants ruled over a large territory for nearly 200 years before being thrown down.

  • History of Mininthia

    The army of the [[Exarchy of Mininthia]] was small relative to the size of the populace. This was due to the favorable mountainous terrain that mostly surrounded the exarchy. With few mountain passes leading to their farmland, they were able to make do …

  • History of County Naze

    The [[Balasir Incursion]] marched directly through [[Naze Valley]], consisting of  [[balka]] (kobold), [[balna]] (goblin), [[balnaka]] (hobgoblin), and [[balik]] (orc) tribes, attacking and destroying anything and everything in their path.  …

  • History of the Green Exarchy

    The elves of [[Cypronea]] are very private and close-lipped to strangers, but warm and accommodating to friends. Or so it seems to the other peoples of the [[Wider World]]. The reality is more complex than that.
    After the [[Vandalian Cataclysm]] …

  • Vandalian Cataclysm

    The Vandalian Cataclysm happened millennia ago and few records survived the [[Time of the Dominion]] to describe the exact events leading up to and during the Vandalian Cataclysm. All sources agree that the gods caused the Cataclysm that shattered [[ …

  • Time of the Dominion

    Scraps of knowledge about the Dominion.

    • “The [[Dominir]] sat on the [[Pyre Throne]] and burned fear into their vassals for 100 generations.”
    • “The old gods destroyed them for their hubris and dark dealings.”
  • Time of Turmoil

    Also known as the Little Wars Period, the Time of Turmoil officially starts with the [[War for Fallmeadow Hollow]]. [[Fallmeadow Hollow]] was an independent city-state that maintained control over a crucial stretch of river and a working gold mine. …

  • Growing Peace Period

    The Return of Civilization

    This period started when a new king and queen were crowned and established on the Alkadaphita Throne.  This is the current age and the period of rebirth is not without its conflicts, but the constant …

  • Faitrin

    Scholar and Martyr

    Faitrin of [[Morkeep]] assembled evidence showing that a small set of deities tricked the rest of the gods into invoking the [[Vandalian Cataclysm]]. While in a formal debate with the [[Patriarch of Hetbela]], …

  • Patriarch of Hetbela

    The Patriarch of Hetbela is selected from the Ecclesiastical College and rules one third of the [[Triple Confederation]]. While the Patriarch is currently selected for both religious orthodoxy and political savvy, this was not always the case.

  • Vandalia

    The Legendary First

    Home of the first empire, the [[Suzerainty of Vandalia]], these lands were destroyed by the gods in the distant past. They once ruled the entire world. Much is attributed to the Vandalians, but little is truly known …

  • History of Hetbela

    Hetbela was a mining town on [[Mount Morbarrow]], one time home of the burial crypts of the [[Exarchy]] Hetbela was beholden to. The veins of copper the mine worked were several levels deeper than the crypts and burial vaults, allowing the work to …

  • History of the Triple Confederation

    The [[Triple Confederation]] was originally founded by the city-states of [[Agrantini]], [[Bel Erum]], and [[Hetbela]]. Each city-state was a small to medium sized walled city that benefited defensively from the terrain surrounding them. At the time of …

  • Seven Slayers

    One of the smaller [[Balasir]] tribes, the Seven Slayers was the first Balasir tribe defeated and destroyed by the nascent [[Triple Confederation]].

  • One Thousand Archers

    A [[Balasir]] tribe that specialized in ranged combat, they actually only numbered between four and five hundred combatants with another two hundred or so support troops at the time of their destruction by the [[Triple Confederation]].

  • History

     Historic Periods

        * [[PreVandalian Cataclysm]]
        * [[Vandalian Cataclysm]]
        * [[Time of the Dominion]]
        * The [[Gnoll Hegemony]]
     & …

  • Naze Valley History

    h4. Recent History Early this year, 150 [[New Calendar | NC]], a set of ruins was discovered in the shadow of [[Moon Mountain]]. The ruins were being excavated by a gnoll raiding party. Adventurers being who and what they are, a fight broke out and …

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