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  • Chrysalis


     We just finished playing through AEG's World's Largest Dungeon with a group that assembled just to play that.  I was willing to run it if folks kicked in at least $5.00 each to defray the cost of the book.  I'd like …

  • History of County Naze

    The [[Balasir Incursion]] marched directly through [[Naze Valley]], consisting of  [[balka]] (kobold), [[balna]] (goblin), [[balnaka]] (hobgoblin), and [[balik]] (orc) tribes, attacking and destroying anything and everything in their path.  …

  • Summary

    Proper Name: County Naze
    Ruler: [[Count Adrik]]
    Government: [[Feudal]]
    Capital: [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]]
    Major Towns: [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]], [[Pineburgh …

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