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  • Little Hungers, Part 3

    _This was a short session for a variety of reasons, including the no-show of a player and his son (so two players actually). As they played the fighter and cleric, this made the evening somewhat touch and go for the rest of the players._ h4. *Dramatis …

  • County Naze

    *Proper Name:* County Naze
    *Ruler:* [[Count Adrik]]
    *Government:* [[Feudal]]
    *Capital:* [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]]
    *Major Towns:* [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]], [[Pineburgh]], [[New Crosswalshire]], [[Greenvasser]], [[New Applegrove]], …

  • Naze Valley

    This is information about the Naze Valley region - its history, background, and actors.  Naze Valley comprises more territory than [[County Naze]] currently controls, but [[Count Adrik]] is working on expanding the county to include most, if not …

  • Summary

    Proper Name: County Naze
    Ruler: [[Count Adrik]]
    Government: [[Feudal]]
    Capital: [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]]
    Major Towns: [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]], [[Pineburgh …

  • Count Adrik

    _Count Naze and Lord of the Valley_

    Male Human

    *Residence:* | [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]]
    *Groups/Organization:* | (who they belong to) Ex. Church of Ralishaz
    *Appears in:* | NV1 Day Late and a Gnoll Short

  • Old Sandy_on_Naze

    Ruler: | Mayor (name of ruler)
    Wards: | (number and names)
    Notable Locations: | (place of note)
    Notable Inns: | (inns of note)
    Notable People:

  • Sand Castle

    The county seat for [[County Naze]].  The castle is known as the Sand Castle due to its location (at [[Old Sandy_on_Naze]]) and the light tan color of the granite it is made of.  An unusual shade, it was once mined from the mountains to the west …

  • Pineburgh

    Ruler: | Mayor (name of ruler)
    Wards: | (number and names)
    Notable Locations: | (place of note)
    Notable Inns: | (inns of note)
    Notable People: | ( …

  • People of Naze Valley

    h3. Province Rulers * [[Count Adrik]] - ruler of [[County Naze]] and Lord of the Valley h3. Adventurer's of Note * [Nelrin Banefyre] - sole survivor of encounter with gnolls while attempting to recover an ancient gnoll relic h3. …

  • New Applegrove

    *Ruler:*| [[Isen Cowhunter]], Mayor
    *Notable Locations:*| Village Office, Snorri's Smithy, [[Sheriffs Office | Sheriff's Office]] (in the Village Office)
    *Notable Inns:*| The [[Rats Bastard Sword Inn | Rat's Bastard Sword Inn]]
    *Notable …

  • Greenvasser

    *Ruler:*| Grand Druid (name of ruler) *Wards:*| (number and names) *Notable Locations:*| (place of note) *Notable Inns:*| (inns of note) *Notable People:*| (people of note) *Town Size:*| small village *Population:*| (number of residents) …

  • Fort Sparrowmouth

    *Ruler:*| Captain (name of ruler) *Wards:*| (number and names) *Notable Locations:*| (place of note) *Notable Inns:*| (inns of note) *Notable People:*| (people of note) *Town Size:*| (size class) *Population:*| (number of residents) * …

  • Gnolls Crossing

    Gnoll's Crossing is at the conjunction of the mountain pass from [[Naze Valley]] in the south to the [[Gnoll Territories]] in the north and an easy ford across the river.

  • Moon Mountain Ruins

    The Moon Mountain Ruins are the ruins of a fortified manor house north of [[Moon Mountain]]. Back in Alder 153 [[NC]], a group of gnolls lead by a shaman raided these ruins and escaped with some sort of gnoll relic. Wanting to know what else might be …

  • Redbird Expedition

    Lead by [[:22960 | Valfrid Redbird]], the Redbird Expedition is an investigative expedition to the [[Moon Mountain Ruins]], sent by [[:22959 | Count Adrik]] of County Naze. The goal of the expedition is to determine if there are any additional relics of …

  • Worn Talisman Inn

    The Worn Talisman Inn is within [[New Crosswalshire | New Crosswalshire's]] [[Workers Quarter New Crosswalshire | Workers Quarter]], well away from the [[Crosswalshire Castle]]. It is a quieter place that offers access to a bath house as well as drinks …

  • Never Empty Flagon Inn

    Popular with the soldiers, it is just within [[New Crosswalshire | New Crosswalshire's]] [[Workers Quarter New Crosswalshire | Workers Quarter]]. It is just far enough away to be out of sight of [[Crosswalshire Castle]], but not so far away the military …

  • Philosophers Tome

    A secret society operating in [[New Crosswalshire]] using iconography from the [[Tarot Deck]], specifically the Tomes suite. The Ace, Deuce, and Trio are the enforcement group, The Four through Ten of Tomes are different levels of the regular membership, …

  • Places in Naze Valley

    This is a list of locations of note in [[Naze Valley]]. * [[Old Sandy_on_Naze | Old Sandy-on-Naze]] * [[New Crosswalshire]] * [[Pineburgh]] * [[New Applegrove]] * [[Greenvasser]] * [[Fort Sparrowmouth]] * [[Moon …

  • Organizations in Naze Valley

    Organizations that are active or have representatives in the [[Naze Valley]] area. * [[Mercantile Union]] * [[County Guard]] * [[County Rangers]] of [[Fort Sparrowmouth]] * [[County Rangers]] of [[Fort Three Circles]] * [[Druids …

  • Moon Mountain

    Found in [[Naze Valley]], Moon Mountain is the only source of [[Moonwood]], a slightly luminescent timber. Its lower sloped are forested, but its upper reaches are bare. !http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww201/PatrickJW/Naze%20Valley/ …

  • Three Circles Fort

    Currently under construction (150 NC), Fort Three Circles will defend [[County Naze | County Naze's]] approach from [[Gnolls Crossing | Gnoll's Crossing]]. Currently stationed at the Fort are: * [[:13352 | Ranger-Captain Brogan Cedargold]] * …

  • Ranger Team Rollins

    One of the teams of rangers making up the [[County Rangers | County Rangers]] in [[County Naze | County Naze]]. Ranger Team Rollins is currently assigned to [[Three Circles Fort | Three Circles Fort]]. *Members:* # Ranger-Sergeant Clementine “Clem” …

  • Naze Valley History

    h4. Recent History Early this year, 150 [[New Calendar | NC]], a set of ruins was discovered in the shadow of [[Moon Mountain]]. The ruins were being excavated by a gnoll raiding party. Adventurers being who and what they are, a fight broke out and …

  • Dead Stones

    One of the tribes of [[balna]] (goblins) that live in the deep forests that make up the eastern reaches of [[Naze Valley]]. They used to live in a long abandoned Dominion tomb complex (hence the tribes name), until the concluding events of the Pungent …

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