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  • Mount Morbarrow

    Home of the city of [[Hetbela]], the northern face of Mount Morbarrow is covered with burial lands. Once used by the previously existing [Exarchy] for all burials, Mount Morbarrow has the largest known necropolis in the [[Wider World]].

    During …

  • Dry Mountains

    A mountain chain that runs north-south from the (Wall) Mountains. The Dry Mountains separate the (Western) Desert from the [[Gnoll Territories]] and contain several active volcanoes, especially in the northern reaches.

  • Moon Mountain Ruins

    The Moon Mountain Ruins are the ruins of a fortified manor house north of [[Moon Mountain]]. Back in Alder 153 [[NC]], a group of gnolls lead by a shaman raided these ruins and escaped with some sort of gnoll relic. Wanting to know what else might be …

  • Moon Mountain

    Found in [[Naze Valley]], Moon Mountain is the only source of [[Moonwood]], a slightly luminescent timber. Its lower sloped are forested, but its upper reaches are bare. !http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww201/PatrickJW/Naze%20Valley/ …

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