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  • Religion

    h3. Naze Valley [[Greenvasser]] is a holy city of the [[Old Faith]] and a focal point of pilgrims and devotees. There are shrines to some of the other gods in [[New Crosswalshire]] and [[Pineburgh]], and a temple to most of the gods worshiped in the …

  • Natea

    The goddess of Peace, Mercy, and Justice. She is a triple aspect goddess and sometimes her aspects are worshiped separately, which can lead to worshipers of her Justice aspect going astray and falling into the worship of [[Prax Voran]].

  • Prax Voran

    *Gender:* m
    *Rank:* Intermediate Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Vengeance
    *Titles:* The Menace, The Spiteful
    *Holy Symbol:* a spiral
    *Alignment:* CE
    *Favored Weapon:* Spiked chain
    *Other Preferred Weapons:* …

  • Vox Voran

    *Gender:* either
    *Rank:* Lesser Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Conflict
    *Titles:* The Unlooked For, The Unwanted
    *Holy Symbol:* A Broken Mirror
    *Alignment:* CN
    *Favored Weapon:* None
    *Other Preferred Weapons:* Bola, …

  • Ninaha Kudu

    *Gender:* f
    *Rank:* Greater Deity
    *Areas of Concern/Portfolio:* Civilization
    *Titles:* The Builder, Mother of Laws
    *Holy Symbol:* a white cube
    *Alignment:* LG
    *Favored Weapon:* Heavy pick
    *Weapon of the Deity Spell:* …

  • Pantheons

    The [[Old Faith]]

    The [[Pantheon of Kaldahnaka]]
    * Includes the [[Trinity of the Confederation]]

    The [[Gnoll Gods]]

    The [[Elven Pantheon]] ---- Return to [[Main Page]]

  • Old Faith

    This is the faith of the Druids and centers around the following five deities: [[Tarfaya]] - Goddess of the Sun
    [[Seddenga]] - Goddess of the Earth
    [[Kumerakhan]] - God of Midnight
    [[Aphra Cygne]] - Goddess of the Moon
    [[Tanakat]] - …

  • Gnoll Gods

    Gnolls worship the following deities openly:
    [[Kilwa Kivinje]] - Gnoll God of Destruction
    [[Kilwa Masoko]] - Gnoll God of Death
    [[Kalabsha]] - Gnoll Goddess of Fertility and the Tribe
    [[Musawwarat]] - Gnoll God of Rulership through …

  • Pantheon of Kaldahnaka

    _This list is now complete._

    [[Amangna]] - Goddess of Childbirth and the Hearth
    [[Amangpara]] - Goddess of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
    [[Aphra Cygne]] - Goddess of the Moon
    [[Arganthosas]] - God of the Smithy
    [[Armea …

  • Pantheon Temple

    Pantheon Temples are temples dedicated to multiple deities in a single pantheon, not just a single deity. These are most common inside the [[Kingdom of Kaldahnaka]] in locations that do not have a large enough population of worshipers to justify a …

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