Dwarven Shogunate

The Dwarven Shogunate is a buffer state between the Green Exarchy of Cypronea and the rest of the continent.  Their culture is strongly militaristic and somewhat insular.



  • Karak Kasang – tree city, meaning that it is made of wood
  • Karak Yul – a city built above ground, like a termite mound
  • Karak Baunaka – a military city, houses an army
  • Karak Aratukuh – a city that manufactures weapons, particularly crossbows of quality


  • Ya Kapahka
  • Ya Dahsa – "I listen", a listening post
  • Ya Talak
  • Ya Kal Takpang – "my feathers",
  • Andih Takat – "quickly on", a mining village
  • Salap as Takat – "one above ten", a village founded by ten families

Dwarven Language 

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Dwarven Shogunate

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