Ruler:| Grand Druid (name of ruler)

Wards:| (number and names)

Notable Locations:| (place of note)

Notable Inns:| (inns of note)

Notable People:| (people of note)

Town Size:| small village

Population:| (number of residents)

Most Expensive Item:| (single most expensive item available for purchase in the community)

Max gp available at store:| (maximum amount of goods available for purchase)

Racial Breakup:| (racial breakdown by percentages)

Power Center:| (type of ruling body)

Town Alignment:| (general alignment of the town)

Community Authority:| (who keeps order)

Location:| County Naze


Facts about Greenvasser:

  • It is a religious center for the Old Religion (druids)
  • There is a pool or sacred well that is the source of the river
    • The luminescent algae in the placid waters glow green at night, giving the place its name.
    • The fae like this area, but don’t live here.
  • Exports: magical components for druids and nature magics (both divine and arcane)
  • Pilgrims travel to here from civilization
    • There is a hostel for the pilgrims and a few inns
    • They get beer from New Applegrove
  • There is a lot of ritual in the running of the town.
  • (Find rules for plant materials to make weapons and armor.)



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