Naze Valley History

Recent History

Early this year, 150 NC, a set of ruins was discovered in the shadow of Moon Mountain. The ruins were being excavated by a gnoll raiding party. Adventurers being who and what they are, a fight broke out and the gnolls were killed, their slaves freed. The adventurers learned from the freed slaves that a gnoll shaman had left the day before with a gnoll relic, heading towards the Gnoll Territories. The adventurers sent the ex-slaves towards New Applegrove and gave chase to the gnoll shaman. They eventually caught up with him and another 20 gnolls. Adventurers being who and what they are, attacked. The adventurers lost badly, only one of their number escaping to warn others.

Count Adrik decided that the gnolls now posed a significant threat and decreed that a new fort for the Naze Valley Rangers be established on the approaches to the Gnoll Territories, north of New Applegrove. He immediately dispatched a unit of Rangers to take stock of the situation, keep the peace, and oversee the safe construction of the fort. This team was Ranger Team Rollins.

Since being assigned to the area, Ranger Team Rollins has discovered a secret balka supply depot, scouted Gnoll’s Crossing and discovering a gnoll fort under construction, defended the Moon Mountain Ruins from a gnoll war-party, destroyed an band of ghouls that has been operating in the Moon Mountain area for apparently centuries, and discovered the existence of derro in the lost tunnels under New Crosswalshire.

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Naze Valley History

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