New Applegrove

Ruler:| Isen Cowhunter, Mayor
Notable Locations:| Village Office, Snorri’s Smithy, Sheriff’s Office (in the Village Office)
Notable Inns:| The Rat’s Bastard Sword Inn
Notable People:| Rheged the Wizard, Grimbold the Innkeeper, Snorri Yngvarson, Nai’Ianhal, Hedeon the Crow
Town Size:| Village
Population:| 399
Most Expensive Item:| 166 Gold Marks
Max gp available at store:| 3316 Gold Marks
Racial Breakup:| 60% Human, 40% halfling
Power Center:| Conventional: Has a mayor
Town Alignment:| Neutral Good
Community Authority:| Sheriff Edlin Oakshield
Location:| County Naze


New Applegrove is a walled village surrounded by farms. The protective walls consist of a wooden palisade with a main gate where the King’s Road ends. Two lesser roads lead away, one to the mill (Mill Road) and the other to the stone bridge across the river and the Old King’s Road. The handful of buildings inside the walls are made of wood and generally two stories tall. The notable exceptions are the Village Office, which is three stories tall, and the smithy, which is only a single story in height.

New Applegrove is named after an apple field magically grown to maturity by a wizard who decided to live in the area for a while. The wizard caused seedlings recently planted by a farmer to grow to full size in one season. In exchange, each year the farmer would provide the wizard two bushels of apples at harvest time and a basket of fresh vegetables when each crop was harvested. Since then, the wizard moved on and the farmer died of natural causes, but the reason for settling the area remains. The grove is now owned by Bogdashka of Presnensk who brews scrumple, an alcoholic beverage mostly made of apples and one of the primary exports of the village. She also sells apples to the Brightlady Clan and Staffthrasher Clan to use in making the villages other export, apple-flavored beer. There is some tension between the halfling Brightlady Clan and the human Staffthrasher Clan over social position in the village.

Rheged the Wizard moved into the old wizard’s tower near the town five years ago and renovated it. He occasionally comes in to the village to arrange for supplies or talk to the sheriff, but otherwise stays to himself. It is known that Rheged has some level of skill and has agreed to assist defending the village if it ever becomes necessary.


  • Apple-flavored beer
  • Whiskey
  • Scrumple


  • Cowhunter Bathhouse – owned by Isen Cowhunter
  • Snorri’s Smithy – owned by Snorri Yngvarson
  • Harry’s – Quiet Harry the Weaponsmith, rented part of Snorri’s
  • Brightlady Brewery – owned by the Brightlady halfling clan
  • Staffthrasher Brewery – owned by the Staffthrasher clan of humans
  • Tamar’s – tailor shop owned by Tamar the Clothmaker
  • Wreagan’s Mill – owned by Wreagan the Miller
  • Erian’s – pottery and glassworks owned by the couple Erian the Potter and Elali Potterswife
  • Temple of Amangpara
  • Fane to Murthdrya Natea
  • D’Moor Emporium – general store owned by Brisk D’Moor

New Applegrove

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