New Crosswalshire

Ruler: | Mayor (name of ruler)
Wards: | (4) Old Fort Quarter, Trade Quarter, Workers Quarter, Stock Quarter
Notable Locations: | Sage District, Crosswalshire College, Eastbridge Gate, Crosswalshire Castle, Eastbridge
Notable Inns: | Never-Empty Flagon Inn, Worn Talisman Inn
Notable People: | (people of note)
Town Size: | small city
Population: | 5263
Most Expensive Item: | 15 000 Gold Marks
Max gp available at store: | 3 947 250 Gold Marks
Racial Breakup: | 37% human, 20% halfling, 18% dwarf, 10% orc, 7% half-orc, 5% half-elf, 3% elf
Power Center: | Conventional (City Council)
Town Alignment: | LN
Community Authority: | (2nd highest Ftr)
Location: | County Naze


New Crosswalshire is built directly on the ruins of Crosswalshire in many cases using the same streets and recycling the original stones for new construction. In the better parts of the city, much of the first floor construction is made of recycled stonework, the notable exception being the Workers Quarter. The upper floors are, when not of stone, are split-beam and plaster construction or completely wooden.

The streets are deeply rutted from ancient use, which makes travel by cart or carriage difficult in some parts of the city, but the City Council is slowly making improvements. All the original streets have wide stone sidewalks, making travel by foot easy. Again, the Workers Quarter is the exception, having narrow wooden walkways instead of stone.

New Crosswalshire is becoming a trade nexus due to the seasonal fairs, its position on the King’s Road, and Crosswalshire College. There is fairly regular traffic of teamsters shipping materials and goods between the city and the rest of the Kingdom of Kaldahnaka. New Crosswalshire is also the home to the Pantheon Temple, a large structure that honors most of the deities of the Pantheon of Kaldahnaka.




While the Mayor is nominally in control of the city, real power resides in the City Council. Membership is restricted to those elected from the burghers, the wealthiest citizens of the city as determined by a census held every five years. This has not created a hereditary class yet, but is headed that way.

Additionally, the burghers of New Crosswalshire are competing with those in Old Sandy-on-Naze but are at a disadvantage due to location. The burghers of New Crosswalshire very much want a baronial seat to be established to raise the city’s prestige.

There is currently extensive jockeying for position to be the “obvious candidate” to become a baron in the New Crosswalshire area, if the Count establishes one. There is concurrent maneuvering to keep New Crosswalshire a free city if a barony is established.

The city is currently on polite terms with the Druids of Greenvasser. as long as the logging stays within agreed limits and trees are planted to replace the harvested ones, this state will continue.



  • Timber, particularly Moonwood
  • Finished wood products (limited quantity)
  • Stone from quarries north of the city. New Crosswalshire has an advantage over Pineburgh in the river here is navigable all the way south while Pineburgh has rapids and a waterfall to deal with.

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New Crosswalshire

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