Redbird Expedition

Lead by Valfrid Redbird, the Redbird Expedition is an investigative expedition to the Moon Mountain Ruins, sent by Count Adrik of County Naze. The goal of the expedition is to determine if there are any additional relics of interest buried in the ruins.

The inspiration for the Redbird Expedition was a group of adventurers who failed. Late in the month of Ash, two weeks after leaving New Applegrove, the only surviving adventurer of an adventuring party returned, a druid of the Old Faith named Nelrin Banefyre. He related that the adventuring party had followed some gnoll tracks back to a ruined manor house where the gnolls had recovered an ancient relic of one of their gods. The adventurers chased the gnoll shaman with the relic north, all the way into the Gnoll Territories, but ran afoul of a gnoll patrol. With his magic out and the fight against the patrol all but lost, Nelrin fled south to warn people. The gnolls had pursued him, but the timely intervention of a flight of giant owls allowed Nelrin to escape and make it back to New Applegrove.

The Count authorized an expedition to the ruined manor house, know called the Moon Mountain Ruins, to try and learn why an ancient gnoll relic was buried there. He hired Valfrid Redbird to go and search the ruins. Valfrid, who has done similar work before, quickly organized a digging expedition and set off.

See [[Little Hungers, Part 1]], [[Little Hungers, Part 2]], and [[Little Hungers, Part 3]] for more on the expedition’s fate.

Redbird Expedition

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